Committee: Disarmament

Question of: Nuclear Proliferation in the Middle East

Submitted by: Ukraine

Defining Nuclear Proliferation as the spread of nuclear weapons,

Alarmed by reports that individual nations are being deliberately provocative by conducting nuclear activities,

Admits to possessing nuclear weapons in previous years,

Devoted to delaying and seizing materials capable of increasing the spread of nuclear arms,

Deeply disturbed by the reports of a new nuclear arms race developing in the Middle East,

Bearing in mind that nations who still possess nuclear weapons should lead the way in bringing about international disarmament and the end of nuclear weapons stockpiles,

Outraged to hear that nations who are attempting to possess nuclear weapons may be involved in nuclear armament or terrorism,

  1. Urges all nations to place national economic sanctions on states that are not willing to cooperate with the international agreement on nuclear arms;
  2. Invites all member states to sign and ratify the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty or compose their own laws on nuclear non-proliferation;
  3. Calls upon the United Nations to place strong international sanctions on uncooperative nations that are still attempting to arm themselves with nuclear warheads;
  4. Noting with approval the recent debate in the General Assembly that made steps towards total worldwide nuclear disarmament;
  5. Encourages nuclear states to follow America's example and lead the way in bringing down international disarmament and the end of nuclear weapons stockpiles.

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