Committee: Disarmament

Question of: Nuclear Proliferation in the Middle East

Submitted by: Angola

Defining Nuclear Proliferation in the Middle East as the spread of nuclear weapons in that region,

Deeply disturbed by the recent reports of a nuclear arms race developing in the Middle East,

Noting with deep concern that states in the Middle East are increasing the levels of defense around their nuclear reactors,

Drawing attention to the increasing aggression in Middle Eastern nations,

  1. Applauds the United Nations on its recent successful disarmament debate in the General Assembly;
  2. Requests that the International Atomic Energy Agency sends inspectors to the nations that are considered by this body to be attempting to obtain nuclear weapons by any means;
  3. Urges all member states to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and to ratify it or draw up their own resolution on the spread of nuclear weapons;
  4. Asks the United Nations to host talks between Middle Eastern nations and establish a new internal law governing nuclear arms in the region;
  5. Suggests that export licenses are withdrawn from those nations that are not cooperating with the United Nations on this matter.

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