Committee: Political

Question of: Militant Groups

Submitted by: Spain

Abhorring any and all acts of international terrorism,

Recognising the work of UN General Assembly resolution 42/159 (1989) in defining the issue of terrorism and refining international laws to prosecute terrorists,

Believing in a direct link between militant activity and terrorism,

Noting with satisfaction the efforts of some militant groups to disarm and return to peaceful negotiations,

Keeping in mind the right of native forces to bear arms and engage in warfare with an invasive force under the Geneva Convention,

Remembering the struggles of individual groups who believe that their wishes and demands are not headed by their governments and by the United Nations,

  1. Calls for a universal ban on the conscription of armed personnel;
  2. Asks all groups to accept a total and immediate ceasefire and an end to combative operations, the exceptions being;
    1. those armed forces operated by the legitimate government of a UN recognised sovereign state,
    2. guerrilla forces in land occupied by foreign armies or regimes,
  3. Urges governments to send ambassadors to groups who have agreed to the measures set out in Clause 2,
  4. Requests that UN forces are sent to conflict zones where ceasefires have not been agreed, these forces would;
    1. engage in combat operations against actively violent militant groups who refuse to disarm,
    2. ensure that the members of the militant groups are protected from unlawful reprisal if the government does not accept the terms of their disarmament (according to the Geneva Convention),
    3. oversee lawful prosecution of those who have committed terrorist acts and other human rights violations or war crimes whilst members of militant groups;
  5. Further urges the leaders of these groups to arrange to travel to the United Nations headquarters and report any progress made towards meeting their demands.

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