Committee: Political

Question of: Member States’ Role in Combatting the Growth of Terrorist Groups within Their Borders that Act Against Other States

Submitted by: Oman

Recognizes the United Nations’ position on terrorism as “consistently, unequivocally and strongly condemning terrorism in all its forms”,

Supports the United Nations’ “Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy”,

Concerned by the threats of terrorist activity in the Gulf region,

Emphasizes the need for heightened security in oil bearing nations,

Condemns Western stereotypes regarding Islam,

  1. Urges for the introduction of the Bureau for the Analysis of National and Global Security (BANGS), the aim of this organization would be to;
    1. enforce the measurements set forth within this resolution,
    2. monitor all international airports,
    3. act as a central intelligence bureau for terrorist threats,
  2. Suggests that sanctions are placed upon nations unwilling to cooperate with BANGS including but not limited to;
    1. banning international flights from flying to member states, with the exception of a universally agreed collection of airports in order to ensure the safety of the passengers onboard the aircraft,
    2. placing trading embargoes on the culpable nation(s),
  3. Invites Interpol to work in unison with BANGS;
  4. Calls for all information mediums to be prohibited from showing any terrorist produced media;
  5. Asks that the United Nations issue regular terrorist threat advisory ratings informing citizens about the dangers in their country, alongside a regularly updated, universally available, advice forum regarding what to do in case of a terrorist attack;
  6. Requests that member states ensure that their national security is executed without discrimination towards any races or religions;
  7. Strongly suggests the implementation of trained dogs in all politically sensitive areas, including but not limited to embassies, parliaments and courts;
  8. Endorses the use of spot checks during times in which the United Nations has deemed the risk of terrorist attacks to be ‘substantial’ or ‘critical’ in the applicable nations.

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