Committee: Environment

Question of: Marine and Coastal Biodiversity

Submitted by: Madagascar

Deeply concerned over the reduction of marine wildlife and biodiversity throughout the world within recent years,

Taking into account that global warming has resulted in a significant increase in sea temperatures,

Recognising that Marine life is one of the most consumed sources of food throughout the world,

Bearing in mind that 90% of the world's marine biodiversity is supported by coral reefs which are currently being destroyed as a result of rising acidity within oceans and seas,

Aware that many countries within South East Asia rely on fish as a main source of meat,

Noting with deep concern that due to globalised large scale fishing approximately 90% of widely caught fish (cod, tuna, swordfish) have disappeared since industrial fishing began in the 1950s,

  1. Urges that fishing limits should be enforced to reduce the amount of fish caught within target areas;
  2. Requests that breeding and farming of fish stocks should occur in order to regenerate areas with low numbers of fish;
  3. Declares accordingly that a global tax should be introduced to artificially increase the price of any marine life withdrawn from oceans in order to help reduce the consumption of goods from global waters;
  4. Believes that a body should be made in order to enforce conservation and farming within seas and oceans.

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