Thursday 4th October

  • In an exciting development, WyMUN's homepage is updated to cycle through "World News" bulletins from around the globe. A number of English-language news sites have been raided and added to the RSS feed at the top of the page.

Wednesday 25th April 2012

  • WyMUN Main Page undergoes a small change to accomodate a portal for the newly announced WyMUN Conference which will take place on July 1st.

Wednesday 7th December

  • Check out WyMUN's new mobile site that takes advantage of the Wikiaphone interface. Type into your mobile device to see the new look.

Monday 26th September

  • The Wiki adds even more features, including the ability to comment on a page and the addition of badges that can be earned through editing, adding pictures and using categories.

Saturday 30th April 2011

  • The changes to the main page are finalised, adding Facebook, Twitter and YouTube support, and a News feed from BBC World.

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