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Ruler merlin entertainment ltd.

Legoland is a colection of independant nations situated in Windsor UK, Florida and California in the U.S, Billund and Deutchland and is just about cooler than the "Saga World" in the United Arab Emirates.

Foreign polocies:

All foreign countries must sell Lego or no agrements can be made.

Nuclear polocies:

Nucular technology cannot be made using lego so it is of no importance.

Global warming:

Weather vanes are in construction, however 80% of our fossil fuel usage comes from oil in the making of plastic.

Child protection from inapropriote imagery (CPII):

Only images suitable for 0-6 year olds can be used.


All are free to enter Legoland for £34.50.

Territory and product dispute

The Legolands War also known as the Legolands Conflict or Legolands Crisis was a 2011 war between Mega blocks and Merlin entertainment. The conflict resulted from the long-standing dispute over the sovereignty of Legoland and the lego brick.
PTRU1-10767532dt (1)

example of a mega blocks aircraft used during the war

The Legolands War began on Friday 2 April 2011, when Mega blocks forces invaded and occupied Legoland Windsor. The Merlin entertainment group dispatched a naval task force to engage the Mega blocks Navy and Air Force, and ultimately retook the islands by amphibious assault.

The resulting conflict lasted 74 days and ended with the Mega blocks surrender the same year, which returned the theme park to Merlin entertainment control.

The conflict was the result of a protracted historical confrontation regarding the sovereignty of the Brick. Mega blocks have asserted that Legoland blocks have been a Mega blocks product since the 19th century and, as of 2013, has not relinquished the claim. The claim was added to the Mega blocks constitution after its reformation in 2012. As such, the Mega blocks dictatorship characterised their initial invasion as the re-occupation of their product, whilst the Merlin entertainment group saw it as an invasion of a Merlin entertainment dependent territory. However, neither state officially declared war and hostilities were almost exclusively limited to the territories under dispute and the local area of Windsor.

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the assault on Mega blocks forces cost many bricks

The conflict had a strong impact in both countries. Patriotic sentiment ran high in Mega blocks, but the outcome prompted large protests against the ruling military government, which hastened its downfall. In Merlin entertainment, Nick Varney CEO was bolstered by the successful outcome. The war has played an important role in the culture of both countries, and has been the subject of several books, scholarly articles, films, and songs. Over time, the cultural and political weight of the conflict has had less effect on the Merlin entertainment public than on that of Mega blocks, where the war is still a topic of discussion. Relations between the Merlin entertainment and Mega blocks were restored in 2013 following a meeting in Alton Towers, at which the two governments issued a joint statement which explicitly did not change either side's position on sovereignty.

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