State of Israel
Flag of Israel
Continent: Asia
Capital: Jerusalem
Government: Parlimentary Democracy
Head of State: benjamin Netanyahu
Other Information
Languages: Hebrew, Arabic
Religion: Judaism
Established: 1948
UN Member State
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Over the last fifty years, there has been constant tension between Israel and Palestine. In May 2010 a Palestinian convey of aid workers were sent over to asssit some of the casualties from the war. Israel feel that Palestine is trying to take their land, and so have been engaged in agressive action in what is known as the Gaza Strip to try and regain control of the region. As the aid workers neared the shore, Israel intercepted this convoy, as to inspect the objectives of the ships. Israel were unhappy that this aid was going to help Palestine even though it would may have helped some of their citizens as well. It would not have helped them prove the point that they believe of Gaza being rightfully theirs. So the aid was confiscated and many of the aid workers arrested. The assult occured on the 31st of May. At least nine pro-Palestinian activists, some Turkish, were killed when Israeli commandos stormed the ships in international waters.