Committee: Economic and Social

Question of: Improving Access to Education in Developing Countries

Submitted by: Pakistan

Noting that provision of education in many developing countries is currently inadequate and needs attention from the United Nations'

Aware that many countries, including Pakistan, do not include sexual equality among their educational policies'

Concerned that these many countries have above an 80% illiteracy rate and that these illiterates represent nearly 25 % of the world’s youth and adults'

Further concerned that the provision of technical installation in these many developing countries is currently inadequate and does not give those many illiterates the opportunity to improve their educational training'

Appreciating the efforts of CARE (Collect and Recycle Ecologically) to advance the education of the pupils in schools in developing countries by providing and assisting in the provision of computers recycled from UK schools, health services and businesses'

Further appreciating the efforts of LB (Literacy Bridge) to create a $5 "talking book" that can both help improve literacy and provide a steady flow of important information while the education is taking place in developing countries'

  1. Calls Upon the United Nations to implement a scheme whereby access to education is widened using but not limited to training and retention of heath and education professionals as a major challenge in particular in developing countries;
  2. Urges members of the United Nations which are educationally proficient to join the WIPE (Widening Participation in Education) initiative which shall involve individual country agreements to share teachers and teaching resources among developing member nations;
  3. Recommend an increase of the access to modern means of communication technologies and information and stress the need to improve access in developing countries;
  4. Calls for concerted efforts to significantly increase investments in education with the aim of providing access to and education to the persons living in poverty and vulnerable groups.

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