Committee: Ecology and Environment

Question of: Impact of Emerging Industrialised States

Submitted by: USA

Deeply concerned about the amount of carbon dioxide emissions being produced from newly industrialised countries like China,

Fully aware that there are rules and regulations in place to control levels of carbon in the air,

Concerned that the regulations in place are not tough enough for the current ecological situation,

Noting with concern that there is no official UN board set up to oversee this environmental problem,

Recognising the Kyoto protocol signed in 1997 plays a vital role in protecting the environment,

Expresses in hope that all member states can work together to enforce fair regulations worldwide with reasonable rules for each member,

Alarmed by the quantity of deforestation occurring in newly developing country, for instance Brazil, and the small amount of laws governing this,

Deeply disturbed about the lack of guidelines in place on the conservation of endangered species due to deforestation,

1. Encourages the United Nations to set up a body called UNIC (United Nations Industrialisation Commission) which will:
(a) review annually the level of emissions of each emerging country like India and China,
(c) impose quotas on pollution trade permits allowing the United Nations to have direct control on carbon emissions of member states,
(b) draw a general quota on carbon emissions for all member states therefore allowing the UNIC to review annual levels of collective emissions,
2. Calls upon UNIC to enforce further sanctions on countries responsible of going over the enforced regulations,
3. Strongly suggests to newly emerging countries such as Brazil to reduce the amount of deforestation that is occurring at the moment, or by containing its effect by reforestation;
4. Requests that member states actively prevent the extinction of endangered animals;
5. Appreciates funding will be needed and suggests that each Country donate money into the UNIC fund;
6. Decides accordingly that 1 million US dollars be donated to UNIC overall which will contribute to the costs associated with the inspections in each member states’ annual review.

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