Committee: Ecology and Environment

Question of: Impact of Emerging Industrialised States

Submitted by: Germany

Recognises the efforts made by member states to follow the guidelines set by agreements such as the Kyoto protocol,

Identifies the importance of newly emerging industrialised state to the world market,

Deeply concerned by the number of nationals that failed to reach the targets set by the Kyoto Protocol,

Expresses its satisfaction that Germany met the targets set by the Kyoto Protocol,

Aware of the fact that already developed Industrialised States didn’t have to face the same level of environmental turmoil in their development,

Alarmed by the lack of concern for the environment that is shown by some nations,

1. Suggests that a market for pollution permits be created to discourage production process that have a detrimental effect on the environment ;

2. Recommends the development and implementation of renewable energy sources in emerging industrialised states;

3. Requests the creation of an treaty that encourages members states to act in a more environmentally sustainable way;

4. Endorses the strict punishment of member states that choose to ignore the guidelines set by the above mention treaty;

5. Accepts that more lenient guidelines have to be placed on developing states to enable them to still experience growth;

6. Calls for subsidies, provided by the United Nations, to be given to developing states to aid them in their development of sustainable power sources.

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