Committee: Human Rights

Question of: Human Rights in Myanmar

Submitted by: Lithuania

Taking into consideration laws and statues that forbid slavery of any kind which include but are not limited to General Conference of the International Labour Organisation on 28 June 1930,

Deeply concerned that 700,000 citizens of all ages are forced into manual labour by the Military Government of Myanmar in contradiction to the rules laid out by the above organisation,

Alarmed that citizens are tortured if they refuse to work in this forced labour,

Deeply disturbed by reports of sexual violence used for controlling population,

Aware of the fact that all national newspapers and broadcasts are filtered through the government for censorship,

Having noted that the costs of internet use are kept artificially high to keep any poorer citizens from accessing information,

  1. Encourages all member states to join the International Labour Organisation (ILO);
  2. Resolves to help the Myanmar Government with the construction of their infrastructure to remove the requirement for forced labour of Burmese citizens;
  3. Expresses its appreciation toward any other state that would join Lithuania in their endeavour to provide any or all of:
    1. personnel to help with construction work,
    2. construction materials,
    3. the transportation required to move the two previously mentioned items to their required destinations,
  4. Urges' the Government of Myanmar to adopt a more humane attitude to the treatment of their citizens;
  5. Recommends that education and training be given to the military and police forces of Myanmar to give them other methods to maintain the peace;
  6. Requests that the United Nations sets up financial incentives to states that volunteer their personnel to provide this education;
  7. Congratulates Myanmar on the successful and continued maintenance of four television stations and six radio stations;
  8. Recommends that the Government of Myanmar commit to ending their heavy censorship of the media;
  9. Trusts that the Government of Myanmar will make good use of the improved infrastructure that Lithuania will provide to help lower the cost of internet use and to increase media coverage across their nation.

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