Committee: Ecology and Environment

Question of: Genetically Modified Foods

Submitted by: Oman

Defines a GMO as a food or organism that uses genes from other organisms or foods that have been selectively chosen to be placed within the unspecialized cells so that the food or organism can insert the new gene codes into its system,

Believes in the potential of GM foods it as a solution for world poverty,

Understands that there can be disadvantages associated with GMOs,

Fully believes that all of these can be avoided with early testing and research,

Recognizing that the use of GMOs could eventually lead to ‘Americanization’,

Confident that this as a different issue to that of the question of GMOs as many LEDCs can produce GMOs,

Expecting that a sharing of information would mean that all countries would be able to reproduce every GMO,

  1. Suggests that a GMO Council is set up with a member from every country entitled the Mutations And Genetic Investigation Council (MAGIC);
  2. Declares that this will require scientists to work alongside government officials as to make MAGIC;
  3. Further declares that the remit of this council will be to;
    1. construct the regulation procedures through which all GM foods must go,
    2. generate and administer a universally accessible database of known genetic modifications,
  4. Instructs accordingly that the U.N will then use MAGIC to be sure that new GMOs will not cause ecological damage;
  5. Asks countries to revisit their rules and regulations with regards to GMOs once the recommendations have been created by MAGIC;
  6. Requests that countries suffering from famine and poverty remove any bans they have on GM foods as to save the lives of those who suffer from starvation;
  7. Urges that all developments in the field of modifying genetics are recorded in the MAGIC database;
  8. Further urges that a record is kept of all modifications made to any organisms genes so all countries can have knowledge to what GMOs are available and which other countries have banned them;
  9. Affirms that all corporations wishing to produce GM require a MAGIC license;
  10. Declares accordingly that these companies shall me registered and receive regular checks to ensure they are complying with national and MAGIC regulations.

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