Committee: Food

A Question of: Genetically Modified Crops

Submitted by: Indonesia

Aware of the lack of available food in third world countries,

Believing that this problem could be resolved by the use of GM crops to feed those help and support these nations,

Expresses the need to invest research into these products,

Emphasizing the lack of nutrition people have in third world countries,

Bearing in mind that the use of GM crops would reduce the amount of chemical fertilizers needed, which are far worse for the environment,

  1. Encourages nations to research and develop GM foods further to support the ever increasing population of the world;
  2. Requests that all nations should begin to replace normal crops with GM crops, so that the average yield is increased per county;
  3. Endorses the fact that all countries should encourage food producers to grow GM crops by;
    1. initially giving financial aid to buy the new seed and fund research,
    2. offering financial incentives to change to GM crops,
    3. educating arable farmers on the advantages of growing GM products,
  4. Invites MEDCs expertise and personnel to aid LEDCs in the formation of any GM program;
  5. Noting that with an increase in the production of food production this would then create employment.

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