Committee: Disarmament

Question of: Foreign Occupying Powers

Submitted by: Australia

Grateful for NATO’s decision to end hostilities in Afghanistan in 2014,

Noting the political significance of the United States’ determination to withdraw from Iraq, as well as France’s reluctance to commit ground forces in Libya,

Defining an Occupying Power according to the Fourth Geneva Convention (1949),

Aware of the occasional need for foreign forces to capture and occupy a nation’s sovereign territory,

Understanding the difficulty in putting together large scale plans for events that could extend years into the future,

Further understanding the need for international secrecy with regards to these plans if they are in place,

Fully believing in the need for Occupying Powers to have an Exit Strategy in place before attempting to occupy another nation’s sovereign territory,

  1. Calls for a new international protocol decreeing that;
    1. exit strategies must be in place before one nation moves to occupy a second,
    2. the timescales of these strategies must be maintained within an acceptable range of ±25%,
    3. the failure to comply with the above two sub-clauses will be defined as a war crime,
  2. Proclaims that a new United Nations body be set up called the Exit Strategy Surveillance Office (ESSO);
  3. Further proclaims that this body will be sponsored by OPEC;
  4. Emphasises that the staff of ESSO will be drawn from across the UN in order to prevent any claims of favouritism or espionage;
  5. Further emphasises that the procedures of ESSO will be verified by at least four staff members to further guard against these possibilities;
  6. Approves the construction of a secure facility at an offshore location from which ESSO will operate;
  7. Authorises ESSO to receive, store and analyse Exit Strategies as provided by member states in order to assess their relevance, attainability and to determine if they are being followed;
  8. Declares that ESSO’s secondary function will be to visit governments and provide instruction in the skills needed for the planning and preparation of Exit Strategies.

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