Committee: Economical

Question of: Fair Trade

Submitted by: Madagascar

Believing that farmers in LEDCs deserve to get the correct amount of money for their produce,

Knowing that not enough companies use Fair Trade,

Bearing in mind that Fair Trade produce is not often taken on because it could be viewed to be too expensive for companies to produce,

Realising that this means it is also too expensive for consumers to purchase,

Noting with deep regret that the use of non-Fair Trade products has knock on effects on this economic situation,

Realising that farmers in LEDCs may not know about the opportunities that Fair Trade agreements between themselves and companies may provide,

  1. Urges that the UN sets up a body called the Fair Association of Trade (FAT) to deal with the rise of non-Fair Trade products;
  2. Supports an equal market so that the price of Fair Trade products is reasonable for both consumer and companies that invest in Fair Trade and comparable to non-Fair Trade products;
  3. Asks that a FAT tax be put on all non-Fair Trade products artificially driving prices on non-Fair Trade products up;
  4. Further asks that this money is then given to companies providing Fair Trade products in order to subsidise their costs;
  5. Proposes that all MEDCs increase the the amount of Fair Trade advertising within their territories focusing on;
    1. the benefits to producers,
    2. the benefits to the LEDCs in which Fair Trade produce is made,
    3. the use of the "Fair Trade" symbol to signify a more ethically sourced product,
  6. Authorises the FAT to produce advertising material in order to facilitate the needs of MEDCs in response to Clause 5;
  7. Encourages the FAT to send UN representatives to LEDCs to raise awareness of Fair Trade with the producers who may not be aware of the better deals that are available to them.

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