Committee: Ecology and Environment

Question of: Environmental Damage Caused by Military Activities

Submitted by: Pakistan

Concerned that nuclear radiation can affect people and the environment generations down the line and this is unacceptable, e.g. Chernobyl disaster in 1986,

Fully Aware about blast effects, thermal effects, radiation effects and the long-term effects of WMD and general military activities,

Believes that if land was not damaged in areas where there has been and presently is war that this would help prevent lack of food and poverty,

Noting with Regret areas of land are often barren and may still contain chemicals and radiation which make them unsuitable for habitation,

  1. Desiring lower carbon emissions in munitions manufacture. - We ask all countries to set targets to lower there carbon emissions through manufactures in 18 months and in 3 years for all countries to have research a level which is internationally agreed and accepted;
  2. Worried about after effects of fallout damaging environments directly. – All weapons and ammunitions should not harm the environment and should be developed to do so;
  3. Requests that armies set a target of 2 years as the time period that ecology should return to its original state. – This is so the environment can be restored and can carry on producing what it was before e.g. farm land – food and forests – oxygen;
  4. Taking into consideration pollution from Tanks/planes to be considered. - It is not only environmental pollution but noise pollution.

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