Committee: The Economic Committee

Question of: Energy Security

Submitted by: Lithuania

Concerned by natural disasters and wars over the past two decades that could have had destructive potential enough to limit the planet’s supply of energy,

Realising that a select number of states and companies within those states have the power to shut supply lines down which could cut of their neighbours or citizens,

Noting the efforts that some states have taken to become self sufficient and able to supply themselves with resources such as oil, natural gas and electricity,

Recognising the efforts of states that have invested in renewable energy sources and the part that these will play in guaranteeing secure and safe energy supplies,

Alarmed by the lack of a central energy and resource depository which could benefit the planet in the event of an energy crisis,

Aware that stockpiling resources in this manner would drive the prices of energy up a small amount,

  1. Requests an expansion the remit of the existing UN-Energy body to include the provision in the event of an energy supply issue;
  2. Endorses further investment in small scale renewable sources of energy that states can implement to become self sufficient;
  3. Takes note of the potential benefit to the environment of such measures and the concordance of this with Millennium Development Goals;
  4. Further requests financial incentives for states who can actively demonstrate that they are making efforts to increase the percentage of energy from renewable sources used in their jurisdiction;
  5. Considers providing incentives (including but not limited to the help of UN personnel) for states that supply natural resources or energy that are awarded for their continuing work to keep the supply lines open and functioning;
  6. Calls for the creation of a stockpile of oil and energy at key geographical hubs that can be distributed by UN-Energy in the event of an energy crisis;
  7. Congratulates the people of Lithuania for being the first to volunteer their land as a potential site for this stockpile;
  8. Invites other nations to submit themselves as potential sites for this stockpile.

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