Committee: Economic and Social

Question of: Drug Control in States Where Illegal Crops are Grown

Submitted by: Angola

Alarmed by the low impact of United Nations work on global drug supply and demand,

Deeply concerned about drugs derived from natural plants which remain the most widely abused substances in the world,

Noting with approval the laws that allow international mail to be searched and opened if customs officials believe it to contain illegal drugs,

Admits to being a transhipment location for cocaine destined for Western Europe and other African states,

  1. Resolves to work with other nations to reduce drug abuse;
  2. Trusts that the United Nations will take control of a international border patrol force;
  3. Welcomes the creation of a United Nations Border Patrol Force consisting of service personnel drawn from all member stats which will;
    1. patrol borders between states where illegal crops are grown in significant quantities,
    2. aid national customs and border security with a presence in border checkpoints and airports worldwide,
  4. Encourages states to engage in long-term surveillance of known drug gangs in an effort to trace their movement and contacts;
  5. Calls for member states to provide amnesty for those who grow illegal crops;
  6. Asks the United Nations to provide expertise and material to states who commit to reforming the land, where illegal crops are grown, into arable land.

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