Committee: Disarmament

Question of: Disarming Pirates in International Waters

Submitted by: Oman

Recognises the efforts of UNCLOS,

Defines piracy as the act of robbery or criminal violence at sea,

Observing that many UN members are strongly dependant on trade via the sea,

Bearing in mind the damage to various economies that has been caused by the increased level of piracy,

Aware that the judicial system of the United States does cover a lot of the rulings set by UNCLOS,

Emphasises the potential that UNCLOS has in terms of resolving conflict over international waters,

Noting with satisfaction the international relations benefits that would be gained by member states if they were to fully ratify the legislation of UNCLOS,

Affirming that matters not regulated by UNCLOS continue to be partially governed by the rules and principles of general international law,

  1. Asks all member states to ratify UNCLOS;
  2. Suggests that any UN member state’s military forces be allowed free passage by any means through international waters;
  3. Expresses hope that member states that have ratified this resolution be given a greater exposure to free trade agreements;
  4. Urges for an increase in the safety of international waters by;
    1. increasing maritime policing forces that patrol international waters,
    2. increasing the security on board commercial transport vessels that travel through low protection areas,
    3. increased investment in anti-piracy technology,
  5. Recommends that a body be developed to control the organisation of maritime policing forces;
  6. Calls for all those charged with acts of piracy to be tried in the international court of justice;
  7. Approves of an increase in the sentencing for those found guilty of acts of piracy.

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