Committee: ECOSOC

Question of: Combatting International Internet Piracy

Submitted by: New Zealand

Defines Internet Piracy as the unauthorised copying, distribution of- and profiting from- another person’s intellectual property,

Fully aware that “the internet” is a generally unconstrained resource that spans the entire globe,

Recognising that its reach extends into all sovereign states regardless of their membership in the United Nations,

Impressed with the initiative of groups such as the Internet Engineering Task Force that provides direction for the internet as a whole,

Citing various copyright laws from around the world that already take into account the creation, distribution and monetizing of intellectual property,

Understanding that internet companies can generate their own income based upon advertising sales or subscriptions,

Fully believing that any person has the sole right to generate income from the ideas and products which they create regardless of the medium through which this happens,

Welcoming the work of SOPA, PIPA and their plurilateral counterpart ACTA as stepping stones towards a solution,

  1. Calls for all nations to sign the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA);
  2. Urges internet societies to generate standards through which distributed media can be tracked and monitored by intellectual property holders;
  3. Affirms that this functionality will not be used to infringe upon any persons’ Human Rights;
  4. Urges a change to the wording of ACTA to allow any site to utilise copyrighted material so long as a nominal charge is levied in favour of the intellectual property owners;
    1. the owner of any website refusing to do so would be defined as a suspected internet pirate,
    2. any fines levied would be equal to any charges owed added to legal fees,
    3. possible jail sentences can be applied at state’s discretion,
  5. Recommends that all nations arrest and prosecute suspected internet pirates under their own sovereignty;
  6. Requires states that do not do so to pay damages to persons whose intellectual property rights have been infringed within their territory equal to the fines set out in 4b.

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