Committee: Economic and Social

Question: Combating the Threat of Future Food Shortages

Submitted by: Dominican Republic

Accepting that food is needed by everyone and is required according to article 25.1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,

Alarmed by the fact that LEDCs have been allowed to struggle on little food and have been more reliant on charity work than another form of financial help,

Noting with approval that the money invested by charity is indeed doing a good job and greatly healing the lives of those who are receiving it,

Recalling with regret the lives of those who have died as a result of food shortage and the fact their lives could have been saved if this issue had been properly addressed, Considers that training is needed for farmers in methods of expanding their yield,

Accepts that some foods cannot be grown in certain countries, especially those facing adverse climate conditions and constraints,

Having studied this issue, feels it is time this issue is sorted out and headway is made on resolving the problem,

  1. Calls upon all member states to increase the knowledge of the severity of this situation within their countries;
  2. Requests money is provided for arable industries in all LEDCs, this investment should be directed towards;
    1. capital goods to help farmers increase their preliminary resources,
    2. research into farming methods that can persist through drought, flooding and/or other effects of climate change,
  3. Urges the UN to provide training practices to those working in and moving into work in food production industries;
  4. Calls for all states to reduce trade barriers and enable more trade with LEDCs;
  5. Trusts all countries to remain fair in their trading practices and keep the thoughts of those in LEDCs that could be struggling for food in mind;
  6. Reminds countries that this resolution is trying to help countries top become more self sufficient and competitive in trade to prevent the threat of future food shortages;
  7. Further proclaims that this is a medium to long term strategy to solve the problem of future food shortages and for it to take needs support of fellow countries. Let’s make the world a better place.

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