Committee: The Health Committee

Question of: Combating Global Health Emergencies

Submitted by: Mauritania

Recognises that many people in the world are suffering from health emergencies such as bird flu and swine flu,

Acknowledges that the problems that these people have suffered have emerged from a number of issues including the lack of Governmental preparation, the inability to distribute adequate amounts of vaccination,

Further acknowledges that it is difficult to get medical aid to people LEDCs,

Concerned by the lack of an acceptable response from the world’s media organisations who could be accused of scaremongering by not providing all of the information about these outbreaks to the public,

Recalls with regret 1987 and the outbreak of cholera in Mauritania and therefore strongly feels this issue should be resolved,

  1. Suggests media campaigns to raise awareness of the severity of the cases around the world, increasing public interest and knowledge;
  2. Requests the subsidy all vaccinations worldwide so that politicians are no longer under financial pressure when deciding upon the right action to take;
  3. Further requests that any further advances in the field of vaccinations be made open to all countries;
  4. Resolves to provide incentives for aid workers meaning there will eventually more of them and with the increase in aid the treatments will be able to be used more effectively in the case of an epidemic or pandemic;
  5. Recommends that health care checkups be made compulsory over a certain time period in order to prevent diseases from starting and spreading initially;
  6. Urges' that initial funding be provided for more surgery and health care provisions throughout the world in order to allow the work that is required in clause 5.

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