Committee: Disarmament

Question of: Child Soldiers

Submitted by:  United States

Aware that there are approximately 300,000 children under the age of 18 involved in conflicts around the world, 

Deeply concerned that child soldiers make up the sides of both government and rebel groups,

Deeply disturbed that many children fulfil multiple roles, not only for combat purposed, but sexual purposes and also indirectly aiding conflicts by acting as messengers and cooks,

Recognising that local schools are prime recruiting grounds for child soldiers,

Fully believes that investing in a country’s infrastructure will be useful in combating the treat of child soldiers,

Welcoming the existing efforts of the International Criminal Court, which is currently prosecuting Thomas Lubanyo Dyilo for the recruitment of children in as soldiers in armed conflict,

Welcomes any opportunity to produce a consensual resolution that will help solve the pressing issue of child soldiers,

  1. Demands that the Optional Protocol on the Involvement of Children in Armed Conflict becoming a binding treaty for all members of the United Nations;
  2. Requests the UN create a military taskforce, the Large Instituted Legion Against Child Soldiers (LILACS) to be at the disposal of more localised forces such as the African Union and the Arab League to be charged with;
    1. resolving conflicts involving child soldiers,
    2. guarding potential recruitment sites for child soldiers (schools, villages and rural areas – as deemed fit),
    3. provisions of Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration (DDR) programmes,
  3. Calls for localised political institutions to set up an Infrastructure Development Initiative (IDI) charged with the completion of the following;
    1. researching into more extensive infrastructure development,
    2. advising member states as to how to improve infrastructure and communications,
    3. carry out building projects improving infrastructure in countries suffering from conflict involving child soldiers, in areas outlined by LILACS,
  4. Emphasizes the increased allocation of UN resources in International Criminal Courts, in areas such as;
    1. the provision of localised International Courts (for example: the creation of ‘African Court of Justice and Human Rights’,
    2. further prosecute war criminals as a deterrent against the use of child soldiers,
    3. promote the respect for Human Rights in all member states,
  5. Endorses the need for a subsidy which will provide monies to member states who demobilise child soldiers currently in their armed forces and initiate them into DDR programmes, so they can be replaced by adult counterparts,
  6. Further recommends increased research into how to procure the most effective forms of DDR in countries suffering from conflicts involving child soldiers;
  7. Endorses the need for all member states to remain actively seized on the matter, and to keep all measures in place until the use of child soldiers is completely eradicated.

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