Committee: Disarmament

Question of: Banning the use of Landmines

Submitted by: Brazil

Deeply concerned that many countries have not signed or refuse to sign Ban Treaties,

Accepting that Mines can be an effective weapon in warfare although they are too viscous,

Alarmed by the fact that every month over 2,000 people are killed or maimed by Mine explosions and most causalities are of innocents and occur a long time after hostilities have ceased,

Keeping in mind that it is estimated more than 110 million active Mines are scattered in 70 countries with more waiting to be planted,

Recognising there are a lot of buried Mines that would be very dangerous, difficult and time consuming to disarm,

Recalling the Ottawa declaration of 5 October 1996,

Fully aware that Brazil used to produce, import and export Anti – personnel Mines, ceased production and export in 1989, signed a Mine Ban Treaty on 3 December 1997 and disarmed the stockpile in March 2003,

Noting that Brazil has never used Anti – personnel Mines in combat operations,

  1. Encourages a ban on the use of Landmines by placing heavy sanctions such as a long term jail sentence or in some cases execution for the following people;
    1. those that produce the Mines,
    2. those that sell the Mines,
    3. those in possession of the Mines,
    4. those stockpiling Mines on land,
  2. Stressing the importance of public conscience and human rights in the ban of Anti – personnel Mines;
  3. Urges the UN to use force to push those countries that have not accepted or acceded to the Ban of Mines into agreeing therefore causing remaining countries to feel politically forced into signing;
  4. Suggests that a ban on Armed Forces training techniques involving Anti – personnel Mines be initiated and enforced by Human Rights groups;
  5. Requests an investment of time into tracking the Mines and removing and destroying them;
  6. Urges the international community to continue negotiating an International law and legally binding agreement prohibiting the use, production, stockpiling and transfer of Anti – personnel Mines.

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