Committee: Political

Question of: A Global Approach to Extradition Treaties

Submitted by: Netherlands

Believes that the international community is overly quick to make accusations and demands towards other states,

Bearing in mind that there are many very dangerous criminals who must be apprehended in the interest of the international community and its people,

Aware of the fact that many international prisons have not been completely ideal in terms of their transferal system,

Reaffirming its commitment to the diplomatic and fair process of extradition treaties to be upheld indefinitely,

Noting with deep concern the nature of the often extreme actions taken by many states in pursuit of suspects and the lack of evidence in proportion to the probability of risk,

  1. Urges the respective states to work hard to continue to have a fair and proportional response by;
    1. sharing and regularly discussing information in order to keep each state well informed,
    2. communicating so that when such incidents do take place, all parties are prepared and well informed,
  2. Calls for the formation of an international database where all criminal information and intelligence is collated and studied by experts;
  3. Forcefully proposes that the UN closely monitors the movement and communication of criminal activity across the world and draws up an organised ranking system;
  4. Implores action towards the standardised criteria meaning that there is an internationally recognised set of circumstances in which extradition can be pursued and enforced.

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